The 100 Million Dollar Car Event

I am really happy to start this new venture of blogging and I wanted to kick my first Blog off with something special. My Blog will mostly cover background information of the various events I visit and of course the different cars I make Reviews of. 

Super Car Owners Circle

With perfect timing, the Supercar Owners Circle held their yearly event in Andermatt again, which is one of my favorite events around. The Supercar Owners Circle is a network of worldwide car collectors. The average car collection of a member is 65 cars (!!!) which is incredible and makes this club something very unique. The organizers of this event made it possible to close the Oberalppass (located close to Andermatt) for almost two hours so that the members can enjoy a thrilling ride up a mountain pass with no speed limits and no traffic! I don’t think there is any other network which allows the members to do such unique activities.


We set ourselves up in front of a tunnel and experienced some incredible exhaust noises! Imagine hearing a Lexus LFA or a Pagani Zonda heading full speed through a tunnel, how crazy and unreal is that!

The members stayed in the Hotel Chedi in Andermatt. The Hotel is very famous for its high standards and for its exclusive car park in the front of the hotel, which allows privacy. Unfortunately for us, the entrance to the hotel was closed so we weren’t able to check the car park.

Average Car Worth 1 Million USD

Nontheless we were able to see all cars up close as the club had a very secret unveil of the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ inside an old service tunnel of the Gothard and they parked most of the cars outside.


This 100 Million Dollar Car Event includes some super rare cars. The new Apollo IE made its apperance at the event and with only two cars built so far, this definitely was a highlight. One of the most valuable cars of the event was a Ferrari 250 GT SWB with a price tag of around 8 to 10 Million USD! The average car value at the event was at 1 Million USD which is ridiculous.


Enjoy some of my personal highlights below and feel free to ask me anything about the event or the locations.


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    Gerrit Castelijns (Montag, 10 September 2018 21:26)

    I enjoyed it very much. It seems like a child in a candystore...... you can't choose !